All bookings are under the legislation of Seychelles and all complaints if no solution is found between the 2 parties, the case shall be settled by the court of law (Seychelles). Cars are delivered at the Seychelles international airport, Cat Coco Jetty (Victoria Jetty) and any hotel of your choice, for free. At time of delivery a contract is remitted and has to be signed by the client for acceptance of sales conditions and states if any problems with the car (example scratch marks etc).

Upon rental return, if the car has been damaged, the client is liable to pay the full amount of damages for repair the cars. If an accident without responsibility with police statement and signed by both parties, and if the opposite party is well insured, in that case only nothing is due by the client. However, if the client is responsible for the accident, the full amount of reparation of the car including the number of days the car cannot be rented will have to be settled. If the client has sign the optional insurance 10€ per day in that case the franchise will be brought to a maximum of 25,000SCR (equivalent 1800€). The client may give a credit card to guaranty the franchise in case of an accident and accept all terms and conditions by signing the conditions of sales. The car is given with a level of fuel and at return the level should be the same, otherwise 100 SCR per bar of level missing, will be charged on the credit card of the client or has to be settled in cash by client. If the client gets a police penalty and/or fine, he has to pay the respective fines, where in cases where the client refuses to pay the police fine and/or hides the fact that the rented car has been fined, and we (Rent a car Seychelles) is fined directly by the police, then the amount will be debited from client's credit card with an additional penalty of 250SCR

The client should be hold a valid driving license (valid from more than 5 years) and certifies that he/she will not be driving under consumption of alcohol or any drugs. The renting is only for tourism and in any case the car rental can be used for "pirates transfers" or "taxi pirate". The cars are insured at H.SAVY insurance, Victoria, Mahe Seychelles and all cars from Rent a car (Seychelles) are holding their insurance, licenses, road tax and rental licensing tax. The CDW (Collision damage Waiver) is included (terms of insurance can be requested by the client). 

Cancellation Policy

"Rent a car Seychelles" will collect a deposit of 25% of the booking at time of booking and credit card is request to confirm the booking the balance payment 75% is to be paid at time client collect the car.  All bookings are confirmed as soon we validate that we have been able to collect payment of deposit on the credit card given for the booking.

FOR ALL RESERVATIONS MADE BEFORE SEPTEMBER 01, 2020 CANCELLATIONS DUE TO COVID 19 we do not make any refunds but have a permanent validity voucher to use for future travel! For any reservation from 01 September 2020 In case of cancellation of your reservation up to 4 days before your arrival, you will be reimbursed in full less the bank transfer fees and less the bank card fees for collecting the booking. The transfer costs of the 2 parties are the responsibility of the person being reimbursed. In the event of cancellation within 4 days, the entire reservation is retained for reservations of less than 8 days beyond that we will reimburse the other days. The costs of reimbursement transfer… will be borne by the reimbursed customer. Regarding the cancellation conditions of our partner in Praslin, they are identical. Our site gives a link to the site of our partner all the services taken on any other site that rent a car seychelles are under the responsibility of the merchant site therefore are not under the responsibility of rent a car seychelles.

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